Recital Tickets: All you need to know

There has been some confusion about where you can purchase your Starstruck Dance Academy recital tickets this year. Pershing Auditorium is no longer opening their Ticketmaster box office daily so the ONLY physical location to purchase tickets is at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. Ticketmaster is also located at other locations around town, however Pinnacle Bank is the only location that has a list of our dancers, and where you can make sure your dancer receives their free ticket. Tickets can be purchased at Pinnacle Bank Arena until Friday, June 6th. The only days tickets will be available at the Pershing box office are Saturday, June 7th and Sunday, June 8th.

You can also order your tickets online at, HOWEVER, there will be a fee associated with online ordering. 

Tickets are $18 until June 6th. On Friday, June 6th until Sunday, June 8th, tickets will be $20.