Additional Recital Weekend Info

Here are a few reminders and helpful tidbits for recital weekend. We are so excited to see you!

·         You can pick up tickets, t-shirts, water bottles, keychains, and summer brochures at the hall table at the entrance to the auditorium Saturday and Sunday

·         Tickets will be $20 at the door Saturday and Sunday.

·         If you bought your tickets online, you will need to bring your physical tickets or your printed out tickets for admission to the show.

·         Please remember to settle your tuition bills before the weekend so that your dancer can perform in the show. Please come to Jen or Emily with any questions or assistance on this.

·         There will also be additional flowers to purchase before the show. First come, first serve.

·         On Saturday, June 6th for dress rehearsal, you will enter through the East High South gymnasium doors-door 21.

·         On Sunday, June 7th for recital, you will enter through the East High main doors on the South side of the school-door 1.

·         No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium or dressing rooms. Hallway only please. There will be a concession stand out in the hallway on Saturday if you would like refreshments.

·         Please make sure you are wearing a cover up of some sort this weekend when you are inside the auditorium. If you don’t have a cover up or a change of clothes, we ask that you stay in the dressing rooms.

·         Pictures will be available to pick up at the studio after July 6th. Please remember to order your pictures at dress rehearsal. More info on that can be found by the picture room-room 168 or in your Purple Sky picture handout.

·         Also be sure to note where your dressing room is if you are not using it on Saturday. There will be signs in the hallway to direct you. 

·         Please double knot your laces if your shoes tie, and tuck in your ballet bows.

·         You can video tape your dancers at dress rehearsal, but Mid American Video will be professionally taping the dance recital. So there will be no videotaping or flash photography during recital. We don’t want to put our dancers in danger with flashing lights.

·         Please remember to enter and exit between recital numbers out of courtesy to the dancers and other audience members.

·         Don’t forget summer classes begin July 6th. Enroll today!

·         Please arrive tomorrow at least 30 minutes before your scheduled show time.

We will see you soon! Love, Starstruck