Dance Recital Frequently Asked Questions

Recital FAQs


  • What is my responsibility for dress rehearsal and recital? Parents/guardians need to make sure your dancer is dressed in costume with correct tights, shoes, hair, and makeup ready to go 5 dances before they are set to perform. Room moms will be in charge of the classes before they go onstage, but as a parent/guardian, it is your responsibility to make sure your dancer is ready for the stage. This also includes helping them change if they have a second costume.

  • Who gets a free recital ticket? Dancers, anyone 2 and under, room moms, and anyone dancing in “Taking Care of Business” aka dads, brothers,  and moms dance. Please let Miss Emily or Miss Kaitlyn know which show you will need your free ticket for.

  • If I am in “Taking Care of Business”, do I need to perform in both shows? You are not required to perform in both shows, however, we would love it if you would. Please let Miss Emily or Miss Kaitlyn know if you plan on just performing in one show.

  • How will my class get organized at dress rehearsal? You will arrive and find your class and your room mom in your dressing room. You will go and take your group and individual pictures together. Then, you will practice on the stage.

  • How will my class get organized for recital? You will arrive and meet your class and room mom in the dressing room. Be sure you are dressed, stretched, and ready to go at least 5 dances before you are set to go on the stage. The backstage helpers will come and get your class and bring you backstage to dance.

  • How do I make my dancer’s tutu look nice? Hang the tutu upside down, so that it stays poofy and pretty.

  • What does the room mom do? The room mom helps keep the class together before the performance. About 3-5 dances before the class is set to perform, the backstage helpers will come get the class, so that the room mom can go watch the dance from the audience. Room moms receive a free ticket. We will have a  room mom meeting on May 22nd at 4pm at the studio.

  • What color tights does my dancer wear? Please refer to the list in your recital packet on the orange sheet or you can simply go to Danceware’s and give them your class time. They will know the exact tights you need, and you will get 20% off of them as well.

  • What should my dancer’s hair look like? Please consult your dancer’s teacher. She should be able to give you any special instructions. If your hair is in a bun, you should be sure you are using a hair net to secure all of your hair securely and neatly. Don’t be afraid to use lots of hair spray.

  • Do I wear underwear under my dance costume? No, this is what your tights are for. Please do not wear any underwear under your costume, unless you are in a hip hop class and are not wearing tights. Bras are allowed if they do not show and are pinned appropriately in your costume.

  • Should my dancer wear makeup for dress rehearsal and the show? Yes, please make sure your dancer is at least wearing some lipstick and blush for the show. Older dancers should also wear eyeliner and mascara. There are bright stage lights, and they will wash out your dancer’s face if she does not wear makeup. We want to see our dancers’ beautiful faces!

  • Where will the video feed be? It will be in the band room, #168, on recital day. If your dancer is in both shows, you will be able to help your dancer change during the additional show and then watch from the video feed room if you do not wish to purchase another ticket to watch the show in the auditorium. One person per dancer only please.

  • When will doors open? Doors open at 11am for the noon show and 3pm for the 4pm show.

  • Where is my dressing room? There will be signage in the hallways to help direct you to your dressing room. If you have any questions, please ask one of the teachers.

  • Will there be a dressing room for boys? Yes, there is a dressing room specifically for the boys and dads.

  • How long will each show last? Approximately 2 ½ hours

  • How long is intermission? 20 minutes

  • When will my dancer go onstage to receive his/her 3 year award/5 year recognition? At intermission. The teachers will announce the award recipients at that time.

  • How much are tickets? $16 in April, $18 in May and June, and $20 at the door

    • You will need to print out your tickets from your computer or bring your actual physical tickets with you for admission to the show. Remember, kiddos 2 and under are free.

  • How do I buy tickets? You can purchase your tickets the following ways:

Go to our Tututix  page at

Go to our Facebook page and follow the link

Call 855-222-2TIX (2849)

  • Will there be snacks? There will be a concession stand at dress rehearsal. Food needs to be kept in the hallways. Food is not allowed in the auditorium or in the backstage area or dressing rooms. Bottled water only will be allowed in the auditorium and dressing room area.

  • Where do I enter at? During dress rehearsal, you will enter through the south gymnasium doors-door #21. There is testing going on in the school on Saturday, so this is why we are entering through this door on Saturday. On Sunday, during recital, you will enter through the south main doors-door #1.

  • What time do I need to be there? For dress rehearsal, please be there ready to go for the time that is on your pink dress rehearsal sheet. Ideally, you will take pictures with your class first, and then practice onstage. There is a chance that dancers could rehearse before their pictures just depending on if the picture room is busy. For recital, if you are in the first act, please arrive 45 minutes before the show begins. If you are in the second act, please arrive 45 minutes after the show begins if you do not wish to watch the first act.

  • How long do I have to change between dances? You can estimate that each dance is approximately 2-2 ½ minutes long, so please refer to the recital line-up to estimate your time to change.

  • When will my pictures be available? You will order pictures on Saturday, June 11th, and pictures ordered will be available to pick up at the studio starting July 5th.

  • Where do I take my pictures at on Saturday? The picture room is the band room- #168 (Please see your Purple Sky handout in your recital packet for more info)

  • Can I videotape? You are welcome to videotape and snap photos (without a flash) on Saturday. On Sunday, we will have Mid American Video recording the show, so videotaping will not be allowed at that time.


  • Additional Notes:

    • We are not allowed to have any loose glitter. It is strictly prohibited at East.

    • Dancers should not wear any jewelry except for small studs or anything that came with the costume.

    • Dancers should double knot tap shoes (if they tie) so that they do not come undone on stage.

    • Please tuck in your ballet bows on your ballet slippers.

    • Pointe dancers should bring scotch tape to ensure their ribbons stay securely in place.

    • Dancers should not have any nail polish on at dress rehearsal or recital unless it is clear or French.

    • You will want to be sure your dancer’s tuition is fully paid before the show so that your dancer is able to participate in the show. Please see Miss Emily with questions.

    • Please be sure that your dancer’s costumes are unwrinkled by either steaming them with a steamer or by turning on a hot shower and hanging your dancer’s costumes in the hot bathroom to get them unwrinkled.

    • Please write your dancer’s name or at least initials in his/her dance shoes, so that if anything gets misplaced we can get them back to you.

    • If there are any tags inside your dancer’s outfit that are visible when your dancer puts it on, please cut them out.

    • If you have a hair accessory, please be sure to use bobby pins to secure it in place, so that it does not fall off onstage.

    • On Saturday, East has student testing going on, so we need to be very respectful and quiet in the hallways. This is why we are entering through the gym doors this day.

    • Dancers should bring a cover-up or change of clothes for when they are watching in the audience. East requires us to have a cover-up over our costumes inside the auditorium.

    • Once dancers have finished performing, then they are able to go sit with their families and watch in the audience.

    • If a dancer is in the second half of the show, then they are welcome to watch the beginning of the show as well,as long as they are back in the dressing room ready to go at least 5 dances before they are set to go onstage.

    • You can pick up t-shirts, water bottles, keychains, & headbands at the hall table at the auditorium entrance on Saturday and Sunday. This is also where you can purchase your at the door tickets on Saturday and Sunday and pick up your flower orders on Sunday before the show.

    • Please enter and exit between between recital numbers out of respect and courtesy to our dancers and other audience members.

    • A Stars informational meeting will be held at the studio on Tuesday, May 24th at 730pm for anyone interested in learning more about the Stars Performing Team for the 2016-2017 season. Please feel free to come with questions in an open discussion and informational forum.

    • Stars tryouts are June 28th at 630pm.

    • Summer classes begin July 5th. Don’t forget to enroll to be entered into the drawing for a free year of dance!


Please contact Miss Emily or the front desk if you have any other questions. We are happy to help!

Thank you!