Teacher Feature-Miss Ashtyn

How old were you when you started dancing? 

Dance was a birthday gift I got when I was 4, and at my first class my parents knew it was the thing for me. 


What inspires you about dance? 

I feel that dance has formed me into the person I am today, it taught me to be out of the box and creative. The best feeling is when I am on stage and the lights are shining on me, it is a very uplifting experience, and it’s where I belong. 


What do you love about teaching? 

I love inspiring others, and helping them discover their true selves. I aspire to teach all my dancers to work hard and love themselves. The most rewarding thing about teaching is seeing the joy on the faces of my dancers when they feel good!


Why do you love Starstruck?

I love how all of the dancers are so sweet and kind to one another, and they just want the best for one another. I am always inspired by the other teachers and their ideas as well.