Miss Rachel-Starstruck Teacher Spotlight

"I started dance when I was little because my mom used to dance. Ever since then. I have loved to dance and learn new moves. I love to dance because it is a way to tell a story with your body or, sometimes, to relieve stress. It has become my whole life. Special thanks go out to my mom for enrolling me in classes when I was 3! My mom is my biggest supporter and was always in the audience for me. I can say now that I owe my whole dance career all to her! After dancing for so long, the best blessing is to teach it to those who are just getting to love the sport as much as I do. The reason why I like to teach dance is because I love kids and I love to dance! Put those two things together and you have the perfect job for me!"

Thank you Miss Rachel! We are so excited to have you on staff!

Rachel teacher spotlight.jpg