Dancer of the Month

Starstruck's Dancer of the Month is a new and exciting opportunity we are offering this year. Dancer of the month offers a fun and rewarding way to recognize our students in a more personal manner for a job well done throughout the year! At the end of each month, a lucky dancer will be drawn at random. If your name is drawn, you will receive a call congratulating you on winning! You will then be asked to bring a picture and bio about yourself to hang on our star news board. You will receive a sign to display in your yard for the month you are recognized! Please keep in mind we are unable to fit everyone in during just one dance year, but every student will have a chance at becoming Starstruck's Dancer of the Month. Keep up the good work, and keep dancing!

In order to be eligible for Starstruck's Dancer of the Month program, you must meet these criteria. 

 - Dancer must be present and have participated in 90% of dance classes for the previous two months.

- Tuition and payments are paid in full and up to date.

- Teacher nominations are based on demonstration of the following:

  • Positive attitude in dance class
  • Perseverance with new material
  • Enthusiasm
  • Self-motivation
  • Respectful of instructor, assistances and other dancers