Congratulations to Lanna on being Starstruck Dance Academy's October dancer of the month!

What school do you go to? Hill Elementary

Who makes up your family? Mom, dad, big brother Nyo, little brother Manny, me, and our pets.

Do you have any pets? Yes!  A cat named Maui and a puppy named Jasper.

How long have you been dancing at Starstruck?  This will be my 4th year!  

What classes do you take?  Lyrical, and in the past Ballet, Jazz, and Tap

What is your favorite dance memory? Making new friends in dance every year.

What are you looking forward to at dance this year?  Learning a new style of dance and the costume!

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Veterinarian, because I love animals!!

I love Starstruck because... I get to learn new dance moves and make lots of friends!