Congrats to Emily on being Starstruck's January dancer of the month!

What school do you go to? Emily goes to Morley Elementary.

 Who makes up your family? Emily lives with her mom, and visits her dad often.

 Do you have any pets? Yes, Emily has two cat's Baby and  Eleanor, She also has two guinea pigs named Honey and Abby.

 How long have you been dancing at Starstruck? This is Emily's Second year at Starstruck.

 What classes do you take? Emily takes Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Lyrical.

 What is your favorite dance memory? Emily's favorite memory is her first recital.

 What are you looking forward to at dance this year? Emily is look forward to this year's recital.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Emily wants to open up her own dance studio and teach dance when she grows up.

 I love Starstruck because... I love to DANCE!! :)