Congratulations to Sara Broad on being Starstruck’s February dancer of the month!


What school do you go to? 

Malcolm High School


Who makes up your family? 

Marcie and Michael Broad (mom and dad), Kelly Broad (older sister), Holly (dog)


Do you have any pets? 

Our Rottweiler Holly and a bearded dragon named Hercules


How long have you been dancing at Starstruck? 

Less than a year, I'm in my second class right now


What classes do you take? 

Hip Hop, and now Intro to Dance


What is your favorite dance memory? 

When my Intro to Dance class instructor, Ashtyn, taught us a short Hip-Hop combo for fun 


What are you looking forward to at dance this year? 

Improving myself as a dancer and becoming more confident due to the support of my dance instructors, both in and out of the dance studio!


What do you want to be when you grow up? 

An actress - I've had the opportunity to be an extra in a few movies over the past year and have already used some of my recent dance experience! I'm also planning on pursuing a career in Advertising & Communications


I love Starstruck's a welcoming environment for people at all levels of dance, and it focuses on the individual dancer and making them the best they can be!