Congratulations to Mya on being selected as Starstruck's May dancer of the month!

Who makes up your family?    My mom, no siblings, my grandma and grandpa, great grandma cousin Jalen, aunt Ryan, uncle tony.

Do you have any pets? yes, my dog which is a boxer his name Is Galax and is 2 years old  

How long have you been dancing at Starstruck? 5 years

What classes do you take? Ballet, tap, jazz, and production

What is your favorite dance memory? When I did the right leg splits for the first time

What are you looking forward to at dance this year? Get better at my pique turns and getting my five-year certificate

What do you want to be when you grow up? A dance teacher or a doctor

I love Starstruck because... the teachers are really nice and everybody in my classes are nice and fun too!