Congratulations to Ellie on being Starstruck’s December dancer of the month!

What school do you go to?  I am a sophomore at North Star High School.

Who makes up your family? My dad Greg, my mom Jen, and I.

Do you have any pets? Yes I have two dogs named Percy and Clyde

How long have you been dancing at Starstruck? This is my fourth year dancing at Starstruck.

What classes do you take? I take everything from Ballet to Jazz to Technique.

What is your favorite dance memory? All of the conversations I have had with other Competition Team members.

What are you looking forward to at dance this year? Learning more and more terminology and being able to execute the moves.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I either want to be a chemist, a neurologist or a translator.

I love Starstruck because...
I can always ask for help and not feel embarrassed.