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Pam Holmes (Amber Holmes & Mia Nguyen)

Although I am not a dancer at Starstruck, my two 3-year old granddaughters take the Beginning Movement class. What I like best about Starstruck is the teachers. Those beautiful women deal with crying two-year olds all the way up to the older girls who are learning advanced techniques of dance. They have the patience and skill to handle every age with amazing grace and joy. This joy in dance is conveyed and thus shared by the girls who are learning to dance at every level. It was a dream of mine to bring my granddaughters to dance class since I never got to do that with my three sons, and I’m so happy I found Starstruck Dance Academy. I am enjoying it every bit as much as my two granddaughters.

Alexandria Pytlikzillig, age 16

I really like dancing at starstruck because even though I started dancing a lot older than most girls, I feel like my teachers want to help me succeed. All of the staff is SO friendly and always smiling. The best teachers are those people that love their jobs...and I know that all of the teachers at starstruck love to dance and therefore do an excellent job helping students learn and have fun! Thank you :)

Anna Hanway

I love Starstruck because all the of the teachers are extremely welcoming and nice.  They are fun and my kids really love them, including the one that doesn't dance!  I feel comfortable there and having my kids there.  I don’t feel like it is a rigid atmosphere like some dance companies can have which make me more comfortable and my children more comfortable, which in turn makes it a very enjoyable experience.  Plus, everyone is so understanding even as my youngest seems to get into everything.