Class Descriptions



Barre work, center work and down-the-room technique are all taught in order to form this essential dance form. Leotards, tights, and pink ballet slippers are recommended. Skirts are optional. For boys, black ballet shoes are required. 


For the advanced ballet dancer. To be in pointe, one must have teacher permission. Dancers who are strong enough and have proficient ballet experience are asked to be in pointe around 12 years of age. Leotard, tights, and pointe shoes required. Skirts are optional. 


Learn tap rhythms, skills, and combinations, fast paced and fun for beginners to advanced dancers. Comfortable clothing and black tap shoes required. 


Learn jumps, turns, techniques and exciting dance combinations. Comfortable, moveable clothing and black jazz shoes required. 


This class combines the techniques of both jazz and ballet. Students learn combinations to feel an emotional connection to the music and the choreography. Comfortable, moveable clothing, and nude Twyla's are required.

Hip Hop

Hip hop teaches fast paced, fun and energetic combinations plus down the room exercises. Comfortable, moveable clothing and tennis shoes or black jazz shoes required. 

Creative Movement

For the younger dancers, this class explores the beginnings of movement, experiencing dance and play. This is a perfect starter class before the more structured class, Ballet/Tap 1. Leotards, tights, and pink ballet slippers are recommended. Most dancers enjoy wearing a dance "outfit" with a skirt attached, but this is not a requirement.

Mini Hip Hoppers

For the younger dancers who are ready to get down and groove! Students will learn and develop rhythm in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Tennis shoes or black jazz shoes, along with comfortable, moveable clothing are required.

Dance Theater

We are excited to be offering our theater class which will focus on learning dance styles utilized on Broadway as well as learning proper performance skills. This one is sure to be fun! Tennis shoes or black jazz shoes, along with comfortable, moveable clothing are required.

Fitness Barre

A high energy class that combines ballet barre and strength training to provide a total body workout. Dance experience is not required. We will use a combination of posture, balance, and low impact movement to strengthen and tone muscles. Come ready to sweat and have fun! Participants can be barefoot or bring grippy socks for their workout.


Adult Classes

We offer ballet, jazz/lyrical, tap, and hip hop for the beginning to intermediate adult dancer. Classes focus on technique and dance combinations. Participants must be 18 years or older.


Dancers will focus on their leaps and turns technique as well as building core strength for their overall dance technique.

Intro to Dance

This class is the perfect starting place for any older, beginning student. Alternating through all dance styles will be a fun and rewarding learning experience for all. Comfortable, moveable clothing is required. 

Flexibility/Gymnastics for Dance

Work on your flexibility and basic acro moves to enhance your dancing abilities.