Registration for the Fall 2019-2020 dance season is $25 for individual dancers and $40 for families.

30 minute class|  $40/month

45 minute class|  $50/month

60 minute class|  $55/month

90 minute class | $70/month

Private Lessons*  |  $50/hour

Note: Prices shown are with our monthly automatic withdrawal program. Please add $5 to your monthly tuition if you choose not to have your payment come out automatically. Click to download and print off our ACH form.


Studio Rental * |  $35/hour

Drop-In Class*  |  $15/class

Birthday Parties * |  $60

We also offer gift certificates! Please call or email studio for more information




Block Pricing

-90 minute block classes (Ballet/Tap/Jazz) |   $70/month

- Intermediate Block (Ballet x 2 days a week, Tap, Jazz)   |  $150/month

- Advanced Block (Ballet x 2 days a week, Tap, Jazz)  |  $160/month

- Senior Block (Ballet x 2 days a week, Tap, Jazz)  |  $165/month

-Boys Hip Hop  |  just $20 per month if you are the brother of an existing dancer

- Intermediate Ballet Only (2 x per week)  |  $90/per month

- Advanced Ballet Only (2 x per week)  |  $100/per month

- Senior Ballet Only (2 x per week)  |  $110/per month


Please Note:

Starstruck participates in an automatic, debit account withdrawal program. Tuition is pulled on the 5th of every month, or the closest following business day. You can print out your own copy of the ACH form here, or pick one up at the studio during our office hours. This program allows everyone to be worry free of forgotten payments, and late fees. You can find more information about the program on the ACH form or by contacting the studio directly. You are highly encouraged to enroll in our ACH program. If you do not have the capability of ACH, you have the option of quarterly tuition payments. Please contact us for more details.

  • You can download and print out the ACH form from the link above, or pick one up from the studio's office.

  • We accept credit cards. Please see the office for more details.

  • If you would like a custom tuition quote, please contact us. We would love to find the best fit for your dancer!



We welcome open enrollment throughout our dance year. However, if you would like to participate in our annual June dance recital, enrollment is highly encouraged from September through December. This is to help ensure your dancer receives plenty of time to learn technique and your recital costumes can be ordered in a timely fashion. 

$10 discount for each additional class taken.

$20 fee applied for late tuition.  

Return check fee of $25.

No refunds. Class credit only. 

Registration is non-refundable.

All balances must be paid by recital date.

Once ordered, costume orders can only be exchanged, not cancelled. If you are registered for classes, we assume you will want to participate in the recital, unless you tell us otherwise. We send email reminders about costumes/recital as well as an invoice that will come out before costumes are ordered. You need to let us know before December 15th if you do not wish for us to order you a costume.

When you register, you agree to pay for all services received. If your account is past due, and you are unwilling to pay and work with us, your account may be sent to collections.

If LPS is closed due to inclement weather, we will be as well.

ACH Drop Slips:

If you would like to discontinue your ACH payment plan, or completely terminate your dance classes, a parent or guardian must fill out a drop slip. In order to be removed from financial obligation, we must receive your intentions to terminate classes/discontinue ACH in writing before the 25th of the previous month you wish to stop. 

*If a class has less than 5 dancers registered, we may work with you to find another time for your dancer to attend.